How to freeze a column in excel

When working with a large amount of information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, sometimes it becomes difficult to view and compare data. It becomes especially difficult when the number of columns in a spreadsheet exceeds the size of your monitor screen. To view the information in the last columns, you have to scroll to the right, but it is almost impossible to compare the data with the first columns. This process becomes complicated and uncomfortable for the user. To simplify the work in Excel, there is a feature to anchor the required area, which will make the user’s work easier.

In this article, we will look at different options on how to anchor columns in Excel so that they are not lost on the monitor while scrolling.

How to freeze first column in Excel

In order to fix the first column of the table, click on the “Window” button, which is located in the top menu in the “View” tab (the contents of the tab may vary slightly depending on the version of the Excel program).

How to freeze a column in excel

Here we choose among all the available options “Freeze First Column” and click the appropriate button. Done, the first column is now fixed, and the user can move the table in any direction, and the column will always be displayed on the monitor screen.

How to freeze a column in excel

How to freeze multiple columns in Excel

There are cases when it is necessary to fix not one but several columns at the same time for quality work. To anchor more than one column, you must left-click the topmost cell to the right of the outermost column in the anchoring area.

It sounds a bit complicated, but in fact it turns out to be much simpler. For example, to fix columns A, B, C at the same time, select cell D1.

How to freeze a column in excel

The next step is almost the same as in the first option. But now in the tab “View” select “Freeze Panes” instead of the item “Freeze First Column”. For clarity and convenience, there are pictures next to the captions that tell you what cell you need to select to do everything correctly.

Now, no matter which way you scroll in the data table, the anchored columns will always be displayed on the monitor screen.

How to freeze a column in excel

How do I remove a fixed column in Excel

After all the necessary actions have been performed, you may need to unmount all the committed areas to return the table to its original appearance.

If any columns were previously fixed, in the “Window” field (the “View” tab) there is an additional “Unfreeze Panes” button, which you can click to return the table to its original appearance with all the moving columns.

How to freeze a column in excel


Thus, there are two ways to fix columns in Microsoft Excel. The first option allows you to anchor only the first column, and the second allows you to anchor as many columns as you want. This feature makes it much easier to work with large tables that do not fit completely on the monitor screen. And in some cases, fixing areas is just necessary in order to successfully cope with the task at hand.

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