Excel Lessons
How to add percentages to numbers in excel
The main work in Excel involves numbers and calculations. Often the user is faced with the task of adding a percentage to a number. Suppose you want to
Excel Lessons
How to create a table in Excel
Working with tables is the main task of Excel, so the skills of constructing competent tables are the most necessary knowledge for working in it. And that’
Excel Lessons
How to merge cells in an excel
When working with tables in Excel, users often need to merge some cells. In itself, this task is not difficult if these cells have no data, i.
Excel Lessons
How to freeze a column in excel
When working with a large amount of information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, sometimes it becomes difficult to view and compare data.
Excel Lessons
How to set a table header in excel
Sometimes when working in Microsoft Excel, there are situations where you want to fix the table header at the top, so that even when you flip the document